Ms Susy Ruiz

College Admissions Consultant 


College Counselor

 Susy Merary Ruiz was raised in Costa Mesa, CA. Ms. Ruiz is passionate in supporting first generation colleges students help create a culture of achievement where college becomes a realistic, tangible goal. 

Ms. Ruiz has over ten years of college admissions, scholarship and educational background expertise.  

Job History and Education

Ms.Susy Ruiz worked in the Los Angeles area for five years serving high schools students in different areas including mentoring, tutoring, residential advising and as a student personnel advisor. During her undergraduate studies, Susy spent every summer working in academic boot camps for first-generation, and low-income students at University of Southern California.  

 Susy graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and a Minor in Music Industry. She is currently seeking a Masters in Social Work at Arizona State University. 

Commitment to others

 Ms. Susy Ruiz moved to Las Vegas not only to grow as an educator, but to continue pursuing her passion in giving hope and support to first-generation students that have been told that college is an impossible dream. As the first person in her family to attend a prestige university and graduate with a post-secondary degree, she understands the obstacles and tribulations that many of our students face. 

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Ms. Susy Ruiz